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Zoom Client x64 Scheduling

I put the Zoom Client Package into a Scheduled Deployment like Firefox and Chrome. The problem is once the Zoom software updates it kicks anyone currently using Zoom out of their session. They have to start their Zoom session over again. Is there a way to use the current deployment package in a schedule and "not" effect the clients who are currently using the software?



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  • On your schedule trigger, you can set it to run during a certain timeframe.  PDQ would have no way of knowing whether a user is on a Zoom call or not.  

  • Powershell App Deployment Toolkit can be used to provide notification to users in advance of an installation and allow for deferral to a later point. It would mean some work on your end depending on how you deploy apps and how you check for deployment success but I've used it for a handful of apps via PDQ. Take a look!

    Alternatively you can do some hacky magic with scheduled tasks and powershell and events - or, as said above, only push installs after hours.

  • This is surprising that users are getting kicked out of a Zoom Meeting because the Zoom Client is updating. The Zoom Client installer is designed to recognize if the current installation is in a meeting or not. If the client is in a meeting, the installer will stage the update and wait for the meeting to end, then update. I manage around 600 installations of the Zoom Client with the PDQ Deploy package from the Package Library and haven't had this issue.

    Are you using the Zoom Client from the Package Library? If so, have you customized the package or using it as is?

    Or did you build your own deploy package?

  • I use the package from the library, but I schedule it on a heartbeat (so machines are updated before a user has a chance to get into a meeting) and I run it in the middle of the night when users are sleeping.