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  • Feature request - match CSV import with other fields

    As far as I'm aware, this isn't currently capable. I'd like to be able to match up a CSV import with fields other than the computer name (specifically the model number in this case). Whilst I could...

  • Update custom field via PowerShell

    Is there any way of updating custom fields via PowerShell? My aim is to just be able to run a script on a PC which will then update the custom field with the relevant information pulled by the scri...

  • Feature request

    Apologies if someone has already requested this/if it's already a feature (though I've not come across it). In PDQ Inventory, it says when the scan was triggered by PDQ Deploy. If possible, could i...

  • Deleted WMI Scanners aren't completely disappearing


    I was testing a couple of different WMI scanners at the same time, to see which worked best for us. Deleted the scan profiles for each of the ones no longer required, but when in the dynamic collec...

  • Weird PowerShell error


    Got a weird issue with a PowerShell tool in my PDQ server. The script is as follows $computer = '$(Computer:TARGET)' $host.ui.RawUI.WindowTitle = "Logon details of $Computer" $ErrorActionPr...

  • Inventory Powershell replaced with CMD

    I recently noticed that the Powershell window when running tools has been replaced with a CMD window. The server hosting the PDQ installation has since been rebooted. For the most part, this is not...

  • Meltdown-spectre patch collections

    Please could we could a collection in Inventory that shows which computers are and which aren't patched against the meltdown-spectre vulnerabilities.  

  • I need help make these collections better - help!

    Currently, I have two dynamic collections to do with a piece of software.One looks to see if there is a specific file there and another looks to see if registry keys are there. These collections wo...

  • Scan Profile Age collection

    I want to create a collection that shows computers that the last time they were scanned with a specific scan profile is older than x days. I know that within the scan profiles I can set it to scan ...

  • Scan Age doesn't seem to work correctly

    We have standard scan to scan every night, and also if the scan age is more than 7 days old. When I was watching the video on scan profiles, it said that this scan age is for that scan profile, mea...