Incorrect License to Connect to Server


You receive the error, "Incorrect license to connect to server, contact your system administrator for an update."

For example, PDQ Deploy throws this error:

And PDQ Inventory throws the same:


This error occurs when a license mismatch is detected while attempting to connect a PDQ console running in Client Mode to a console running in Server Mode. In order for a PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory console running in Client Mode to communicate with a console running in Server Mode, they both must be using the same Enterprise license.

For example, John and Becky both work for ACME Corp. John handles all of Human Resources and Accounting and an Enterprise license was purchased in that cost center. Becky handles all customer service and manufacturing, so her Enterprise license was purchased in a different cost center. While both licenses are Enterprise from the same company, they have two different licenses (and keys) with a quantity of 1 for each license.


In order to correct this, ensure the client console is using the same license as the server console. If you would like to merge the licenses, the billing or technical contact on the account can submit a ticket here.


The following issue report (or similar) is generated with the error:

Incorrect license to connect to server, contact your system administrator for an update
at AdminArsenal.Protocol.ProductProtocolServer.VerifyLicense(String licenseText)
at AdminArsenal.Protocol.ProductProtocolServer.Connect(IServerConnection connection)
at AdminArsenal.Protocol.ServerConnection.AdminArsenal.Protocol.IProtocolInterface.Initialize()
------- OUTER EXCEPTION -------
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
HResult: -2146232828
at AdminArsenal.Protocol.ClientConnection..ctor(ProtocolClient client, Binding binding, EndpointAddress endpoint)
at AdminArsenal.Protocol.ClientConnectionPool.Checkout()
at AdminArsenal.Protocol.ProtocolClient..ctor(String name, String address, String identity)
at AdminArsenal.PDQDeploy.DeployProtocolClient..ctor()
at AdminArsenal.PDQDeploy.DeployProtocolClient.Initialize()
at AdminArsenal.PDQDeploy.App.InitializeProtocolClient()
at AdminArsenal.Application.ProductApplication.InitializeProtocolClientInternal()

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