Inviting Your Team to Your Account

Overview: This article covers how to invite members of your team to access your organization's PDQ account.


The account owner and any users with the 'admin' role can invite users to join your account.

We encourage assigning a common inbox / departmental email address as the account owner.



Sending an Invitation

  1. Log into your PDQ account at 
  2. On the 'Team' page, click on 'invite someone'

  3. Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite
  4. Select a role via the drop-down menu
  5. Check any of the boxes below if you would like them to receive subscription related emails
  6. Click on 'Send Invite'

Accepting an Invitation

  1. Locate the invitation email from PDQ
  2. Click the link to 'Accept Invitation'
  3. You should now have access to your team’s account!


Receiving an Error When Accepting an Invitation? - If an account is already linked to your email address, you may encounter an error mentioning that 'An account already exists' when accepting your invitation. Take care to select the option to 'Log In' when prompted to register. When you log in, your existing account will be linked to your organization's account, and you'll see your team's licenses and company information.


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