Changing the Account Owner


Overview: These instructions will guide you through assigning a brand-new owner for your PDQ account. Only the current owner can transfer ownership of your PDQ account.

(If your new account owner already has access to your PDQ account, skip to Step 3 below.)

Step 1 - Invite the New Account Owner:

  1. As the current account owner, log into your PDQ account at 
  2. On the 'Team' page, click on 'invite someone'
  3. Enter the email address of the person you would like to transfer ownership to. We encourage assigning a common inbox / departmental email address as the account owner.
  4. Click on 'Send Invite'

    An email invitation will be sent immediately to the email address you entered.

Step 2 - Accept the Invitation:

  1. Locate the invitation email from PDQ
  2. Click the link to ‘Accept Invitation’
    If you already have an account associated with your email address, select the option to 'Log In' and use your existing account credentials.
  3. You now have access to your team’s account

Step 3 - Assign the new Account Owner

  1. On the 'Team' page, locate the user that needs their role updated
  2. Click on 'Manage'
  3. Edit the role by clicking on the drop-down menu below their name
  4. Select 'Owner'
  5. Click 'Save Changes'

    The new contact is now the owner of your account and the primary point of contact for your subscription!


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