Error code 30066

Updated 3/8/2021

You receive an error 30066 when attempting a deployment. This error is typically associated with Microsoft Office deployments, but the error can also be common with Office family products (Visio, Project) as well as components such as Visual C++.

This error can occur if there is not sufficient space on the disk to perform the installation.

If this error occurs during an Office or Windows component installation, the typical logged error will state something along the lines of, "PreReqCheckFailure", meaning the following issues might exist resulting in the error:

  • Disk space (Office will usually throw a 30062 error if the issue is specific to disk space)
  • Service Pack level is not sufficient
  • Updates are missing
  • The Local Installation Source (LIS) is corrupt (a previous install of Office)
  • The install files are corrupt
  • Antivirus software or firewall might be blocking the Office installation.
  • Internet connection or proxy settings are preventing from installing Office.
  • Pre-existing version of an Office suite is blocking the installation.
  • An angry demon
  • A happy demon
  • A demon who is really going through a lot right now but seems to be handling it really well

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