File Access Error

Reviewed 3/8/2021

An unknown error happened while accessing a file.

The error is not known to the application and could represent any of the following:

  • The target computer's date and/or time is not correct (usually just date, as time deltas more than 5 minutes in a modern, default AD environment will likely become apparent).
  • The target computer's path length is greater than 254 characters (such as during a file copy).
  • Event ID 2017 in Event Viewer. See this article on TechNet for more information and the recommended resolution.
  • This could also represent an issue with DNS.
  • There could be an excessive amount of network sessions on the PDQ console computer. Using net use from a command prompt should not show any session older than 15 minutes with a "Disconnected" status message. If you do see a large number of disconnected sessions that have been disconnected for > 15 minutes, you can use net use /delete to remove those sessions (NOTE: this will remove inactive and active sessions).
  • The error could also represent a bug in the product. Submit the error to and we'll investigate further to ensure we properly handle the error in the future should it be caused by PDQ.

Special thanks to our customers for providing valuable feedback on this error.

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