File Access Authorization

Reviewed 3/8/2021

You receive an error indicating access has been denied to a file or directory.

This error can occur if the user is not a member of the Administrators group or a file is in use by another process and cannot be accessed. If the source file resides on a network share, it is possible that the deployment user does not have permissions to access the remote share.

Ensure that the user account being used is an administrator on the target computer. The target computer may also need to be rebooted to clear up any file locks.

Access to the local ADMIN$ share might also be an issue, especially on computers not joined to a domain or if you are attempting to scan/deploy to a different domain (regardless of whether a trust relationship exists between domains). For guidance on how to remedy ADMIN$ share access issues, please see, Can't Access ADMIN$ Share Using a Local User Account.

It is also possible antivirus or anti-malware is blocking access to the file. You can test this by attempting to create a file manually in the target directory and see if antivirus or anti-malware is preventing the file create (you will often receive an "Access Denied" error if this is the case).

If the error message points to a remote share (e.g. Access Denied - Failed to copy directory to target. Access to the path '\\Scranton\Deploy\Techsmith\Snagit' is denied.) then verify that the deployment user has access to the remote files.

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