Service Manager Access Denied




  • Brian Eggenberger

    Sweet Jesus, the PDQ Deploy service running as Local System got me, too.  Fortunately I cut my hair short or I'd have pulled it all out.

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  • Shane Corellian

    Sorry for the headaches, Brian. We try to prevent this from happening however every now and then the Local System will still be set as the credentials for the Windows Service. <sigh>

    I'm glad you were able to work around that.

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  • Stephenc

    I believe I've run into an entirely different problem.

    I have two domains, and all of the Windows 7 machines on the secondary domain get the service manager error.

    PDQ is on Domain A, the Windows 7 machines we're having trouble scanning are on Domain B.

    For security reasons, we do not allow accounts to have any administrative access to each others domain. Therefore we have an admin account for each domain.

    Scanning XP machines does not present a problem on Domain B.

    What I think is happening though is that initially it is authenticating with the Domain B credentials, however when it gets to the service manager it is reverting to the background credentials on Domain A.

    In an effort to test the issue, temporary access was given by a test PC on Domain B to our admin on Domain A through the Administrators group on the workstation. This resulted in a successful scan afterwards.

    Running PDQ Repair on a Domain B workstation with Domain B credentials passes all four tests.

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  • Ben Stewart

    Yes was total the UAC and the services running at local instead of login to the domain account with the workstations admin rights for the AD branch I'm manage.


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  • Jochen Berner

    Hi guys,

    I'm having the problem since we we have trusted domains. Before everything was good, PDQ Depoy in domain A deploying in domain B, C and D. Then we set up a trust relationship between domains A and B and A and C and I'm unable to deploy, getting the error "Access denied to computer's service manager". I tried both credentials (from A and B) to no avail.

    Deployment works only in the untrusted domain D.

    Any ideas?




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  • Jason Gray

    I am having the same issues with a trusted domain. I'm not sure how to fix it.

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  • Ben Stewart

    Hey Jason

    You will have to use your domain admin user account to run the service locally.

    I had tried the local administrator workstation account under the Serices "Log On" but did not have much luck for some reason even if I use .{admin_name} and password

    But if I used in our organization at UNBC and I'm part of the domain admins my full credentials.{my account_name} then my password restart the service.  you also have to make sure under preferences the Credentials are the same and default.

    Hope that helps



    Ben Stewart

    System Administrator 

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    PH (250) 960-6605

     “Sometimes it is not good enough to do our best; we must do what is required.” –Winston Churchill

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  • Sistemas IT

    I experienced this problem just after updating to PDQ Deploy 8. I found that the service has turned to run with a local account, so I changed to the right user to run the service and it worked.

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  • Azhagiri panneer

    Hi Adam Ruth, I have windows 2012 r2 server and other target machine are windows 2012 r2 . my issue is  server-1 was working fine before adding to the domain as admin I can able to do whatever remotely. but after added the server-1 to the domain as admin(local account) I am getting access denied error to the target server(server-2). Can pls help me to fix the is issue. 

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