Error: .NET [version] Is Not Installed on the Target

You receive the error, ".NET [version] is not installed on the target", or a similar .NET installed error.

The required version of Microsoft's .NET Framework is not installed on the target computer.

Install the required version of .NET Framework on the computer in question and run the process again.

The current .NET requirements can be found here: .NET System Requirements


You have a few different options to get .NET installed using PDQ Products.

1) *Preferred* Install .NET via PDQ Deploy

In the Package Library of PDQ Deploy, you will find many different versions of Microsoft .NET Framework.


Download the required version of .NET one of these ways:

  • clicking the "Download Selected" button
  • or by right-clicking the package > Download Selected > As Auto-Download

Once you have the package downloaded, to deploy .NET to the necessary computers:

  1. Click the .NET package in the left side pane.
  2. Click the Deploy button (top right).
  3. Click Deploy Once from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the Computer names that need .NET updated, then click "Add Computer".
  5. Click Deploy Now.


For your convenience, we also have a pre-built collection in the Collection Library of PDQ Inventory that will list the machines that need .NET upgrades. You could target that collection to keep from having to input all the machine names manually!


2) *Secondary* Install .NET via PDQ Inventory

Open PDQ Inventory and Go to Options > Preferences, and click on .NET Installation.

Then click the Download .NET Now button.
This downloads a copy of .NET to your repository, so Inventory can upgrade these machines for you.

You may then select one, some, or all computers that need the .NET installation and then click on Computer > Install .NET and Scan


For more information on installing .NET with Inventory (and to see how to automate the entire process) please check out this article: PDQ Inventory To Install Microsoft .NET Framework On Your Target Computers.


If you are still seeing this error after working through those troubleshooting steps, shoot us an email at to open a ticket with our support team. They will be more than happy to help get you past this error.

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