Target shares unavailable


The target computer's shares are unavailable over the network. At a minimum the IPC$ and ADMIN$ shares must be available in order to access the target computer to deploy software, perform inventory scans, or otherwise remotely administer the computer.

Possible Causes

Target may not be a Windows computer.

File and Printer sharing may be disabled, a firewall may be blocking access, the shares have been deleted, or there is a name resolution problem. The target system could also be in the process of booting up and access was attempted before the system was completely online.

One possible cause of this error is that the target computer isn't running the Computer Browser service.

Recommended Fix

Verify that the ADMIN$ share can be accessed on the target computer using Windows Explorer (ensuring that you're attempting to access using the credentials of the deploy/scan user) or run the Remote Repair utility by going to Help > Open Remote Repair within PDQ Deploy/Inventory.

Follow this link for instructions on how to Enable File and Print sharing on the target computers.

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