An extended error has occurred

You receive either, "An extended error has occurred" or "An unknown error has occurred within the network interface driver on the target computer."

The error can be caused and resolved by any of the following:

  1. The target computer is still booting and the network interface isn't fully loaded.
    Wait for the computer to finish booting and retry the operation

  2. The target computer's time is significantly off (i.e. greater than the default of five minutes), thereby preventing the target computer from authenticating to the domain.
    Check that the time on the target computer is not off by more than five minutes (or the default setting) from that of the PDCe or logon DC server.

  3. The user's password has expired on the target computer.
    Attempt to logon as the admin user on the target computer to check that credentials are correct and current. If the password has expired, update the password and attempt the operation again.

  4. There is an issue with the NIC drivers.
    Download and install the latest NIC drivers for the target computers active network interface card.

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