Conditions Not Met: No Steps Were Able To Run

You receive the message, "Conditions not met: No steps were able to run" or similar message indicating that the package was unable to run due to package or step conditions.


This message indicates the target computer did not meet either the package condition(s) or any of the step conditions within the PDQ Deploy package.

NOTE: Package conditions are evaluated first and supersede step conditions.

To correct for this message, verify the conditions in your PDQ Deploy package are set appropriately for the target machines you are attempting to deploy to.

Some Examples:

Package conditions apply to the entirety of the package. If the conditions are such that no target machine matches those conditions, you will receive the message that no steps were able to run. For example:

It is also possible each step contains conditions that prevent the deployment execution on a particular target, some targets, or all targets. For example, consider this deployment impossibility:

A more likely scenario would be deploying a package to a target computer running a 32-bit OS while each step in the package contains a condition which would only execute on a 64-bit OS. If a target doesn't meet conditions for any step then the deployment will effectively fail since no actions were actually performed.

The image below shows an Auto Download package which deploys Java 8 64-bit. Notice there are eight steps, though only step five is selected. Each step has the O/S Architecture condition set to 64-bit. Any 32-bit target will fail with the Conditions Not Met: No Steps Were Able To Run message when the Java 8 (64-bit) �package is deployed.

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