Message: "A Filter is Using a Table or Column that is not Available with Your License"


You receive a message within PDQ Inventory that, "A filter is using a table or column that is not available with your license." For example, you might see a window containing the following error:

Other indications that this condition exists (with or without the error above):

  • Dynamic Collections no longer report the correct number of machines or show no machines listed. For example, a collection that shows the number of machines with product key information returns a null result.
  • Reports no longer report correctly or contain all null values.
  • Certain tables in reports are empty that previously contained information.
  • Certain reports may not run at all.


You will receive the, "A filter is using a table or column that is not available with your license." if any of the following is true:

  • You were an Enterprise trial customer that created Dynamic Collections and/or reports that used Active Directory, product keys, or other licensed filters requiring a specific license mode greater than Free mode.
  • You had a Pro or Enterprise license and did not renew the license and updated the software to the latest version, thus negating your Pro or Enterprise license.

In cases involving Dynamic Collections and/or reports, those reports will need to be corrected (for example, remove the offending filter) or the appropriate license will need to be purchased.

In certain cases where the error remains after either purchasing the appropriate license or removing the filter, simply restarting the PDQ program or refreshing the window where the error occurred will remove the error.

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