Uninstalled application showing as installed


PDQ Inventory shows an uninstalled application as being installed on the target computer.

Some possible causes are:

  • Corrupt uninstallation of the application.
  • Orphaned uninstall registry key pertaining to the application.


  • Verify that the program has been uninstalled.
  • Verify that the target computer has been recently successfully scanned.
  • Delete the uninstall registry key pertaining to the application and rescan the target computer.
    • You can see the application's uninstall registry key path by viewing the "Registry Path" column in the Application section of a computer record.

PDQ Inventory detects installed applications by querying the computer's uninstall registry key, subkeys found will be determined as installed applications.



In some cases, if a user is logged on at the time of the scan, it will also query their uninstall registry key.


Computer data stored in PDQ Inventory only reflects information found from the most recent successful scan.

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