Remote Assistance is not installed on this computer


PDQ Inventory fails to create a remote assistance connection to the target computer due to "Remote Assistance is not installed on this computer".


Possible causes for this issue are:

  • Windows Remote Assistance is not configured on the target computer.
  • Firewall blocking Windows Remote Assistance.
  • Antivirus or Security software blocking Windows Remote Assistance.
  • Other software interfering or blocking Windows Remote Assistance.
  • Network or DNS related configurations or issues preventing Windows Remote Assistance.


  • Reboot the target computer.
  • Temporarily disable the Firewall to the target computer.
  • Temporarily disable or uninstall Antivirus/Security software on the target computer.
  • Verify the DNS record for the target computer is accurate on the DNS Server and DNS cache.
  • Verify network configuration allows for Windows Remote Assistance protocol/ports.
  • Verify that Windows Remote Assistance is properly configured and functioning outside of PDQ Inventory.
    • You can launch Windows Remote Assistance by the command below:
      • msra.exe /offerra

The PDQ Inventory "Remote Assistance" tool, launches Windows Remote Assistance via the command line and provides it the computer name as a parameter. The tool will run the Windows Remote Assistance process as the user for which the PDQ Inventory client is running as.

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