Failed to connect to the server


PDQ Deploy\Inventory client reports "Failed to connect to the server" when launching from a workstation.



The application event logs of the PDQ console machine typically have more detail on this error.

PDQ Deploy\Inventory clients use TCP ports and NTLM authentication for the connection process.

Verify that PDQ Deploy\Inventory is still running is Central Server mode.

Verify that the user account running the PDQ Deploy\Inventory client is an administrator of the PDQ Server and the workstation, and listed as a Console User in the applications.

Verify that from your workstation you can communicate over the TCP ports to the PDQ Server IP Address.

Test-NetConnection -Port 6336
Test-NetConnection -Port 7337
Test-NetConnection -Port 445

Verify that from your workstation you can access the ADMIN$ of the PDQ Server using the IP Address.

net use \\\ADMIN$

If you can't access the ADMIN$ it could be the following:

  • The password has expired for the user account.
  • NTLM authentication is disabled or restricted in your environment.
    • You can check the NTLM Event Viewer logs on your workstation, the client uses "NULL" for the target server.
    • NTLM authentication may be restricted due to the console user being included in the Protected Users AD security group.
  • The user account doesn't have administrator privileges on the PDQ Server.
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