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Windows 10 version

Can you add a collection library for the version of windows 10? E.g Version 1511, 1607, 1703 etc etc.

Would this be possible please?



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  • That already exists under Windows Updates.

  • Slightly old thread, but I really wish the collection library would break down LTSB vs CB versions as well. This doesn't make as much sense to put under the Windows Updates section since the windows updates would be similar for both, so putting each Win 10 version, and whether it's LTSB or not, would be very nice under the O/S section.

  • Would you please add Windows 10 Version 2009?

  • Windows 10 Version 21H1 is now out as of May 18th, 2021. Could we get that listed in Inventory?

  • 21H1 is now available in the Collection Library if you are on


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