Problems with Antidote



  • Billy Angers

    Hi Patrick,

    We are facing the exact same situation with EMCO deployment software. Have you managed to find a solution? It would be much than appreciated.



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  • Patrick

    Hi Billy,

    Well I did find the cause. It didn't work because at the very end of the installation there's a small window appearing on the client that indicates that the program is finalizing its installation. I think that's why it failed with PDQ because there must not have any kind of pop-up for a silent install to succeed.

    You can still work around this by deploying Antidote as the logged on user in the pdq package properties. I didn't test it thoroughly but I think it works. The downside is that you have to have a local admin user logged on to your client PC so that he can see the small pop-up at the end. The client must also not have any browser of MS Office application running during the setup or the integrations won't work.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Jean-François Guénet

    Hello im trying to deploy Antidote version 10.3.2247

    Have you made any progress on this installation because i have the same problem and cannot install this as the logged on user because they are not admin user... 

    Thanks !

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