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Auto Report send email only if report has any results?

Is it possible to have an auto report not send out an email if there are no results in the report?  We do a daily compliance report and we would like it to send no emails if the report is clean.  Is this possible?



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  • Me too.

    I have a daily report that sends out any new applications that may have somehow been installed on any of our computers that is not authorized. I'm in the process of updating the report to exclude things like new java/flash updates and any approved applications. After this the report is blank unless their is really something for me to look at.

  • Thanks Andrew and Mmuni. I've added this to a feature request along with a sample use-case in addition to Mmuni's.



    Did this feature ever get added to Inventory?

  • Following up on this as well.  I really need this ability. Or at the very least, give me a variable in auto-reports to show the record count for the report.   I know that is difficult since auto-reports can contain many reports, but could add a section in the variables drop down for each report.  

    Auto-report has two reports.  Offline Computers and New Installations

    In the (x) drop down, there would be a folder called reports > and then some variables like:

    Offline Computers:Count

    New Installations:Count

    This way I could use $(Offline Computers:Count) in my report body or subject.

  • Hi everyone,


    Need this function too .




    Med T

  • Hi, 


    i'd LOVE to have this functionnality too.


    ThinK about it if you have that option you can pretty much turn PDQ inventory into PDQ System Monitoring (c) ^^


    I already have a lots of auto reports that only gets populated when there is something wrong about one of my servers, like an unplanned shared folder, an application installed and so on.


    Problem is i get a lot of empty reports everyday, if only i could receive only the one with actual data in tgem it would be veeeeery nice.



  • This feature would be great!

    We have an auto report about open shares and users left logged in where they shouldnt be, it would be amazing to be able to have the auto report not send if the report/reports/collections that are attached to it are empty

  • I am also interested in this

  • I would love to have this functionality. 

  • any updates on this functionality ?

  • No updates. It's in our list of feature requests, but isn't currently on our internal roadmap.

  • :-(

    sad to hear, I can't stop thinking it would not be a hard change to make but it'm not in your shoes :-)

    is your features request list and or some roadmap available for consultation somewhere ?

    Thanks for the update on the topic, very curious about your "next big thing" annouced in your blog

  • >sad to hear, I can't stop thinking it would not be a hard change to make but it'm not in your shoes :-)

    I agree, it should not be a difficult change. I'm pushing for us to add it to our roadmap, but I can't guarantee that'll happen.

    >is your features request list and or some roadmap available for consultation somewhere ?

    No. I would love to have something like that someday though!

    >Thanks for the update on the topic, very curious about your "next big thing" annouced in your blog

    That's the PowerShell Scanner (write your own Scanner with a PowerShell script). Don't tell anyone I told you ;)

  • REALLY ? 

     PowerShell Scanner ?

    is that for real or are you joking ? because i think I dreamed of something like this (mega powershell fanboy here)

    If it's a way to populate some custom attributes in PDQ with a custom Powershell script man I'm super impatient to see it !

  • It is 100% for real. I believe you can still sign up for the private beta here:

    Here's a sneak peak of the current alpha version:

  • i subscribed :-) can't wait to try it.

  • Found this googling for this feature.  Free Disk % alerts was the last thing we had Spiceworks installed on our network for, and need this feature to be able to completely replicate that behavior.  :(   

  • I am once again asking for this feature.

    I feel there needs to be two components to it.

    1. Don't generate a report if there are no results to report.

    2. If an auto report doesn't include any reports because of option 1, have an option to not send the auto report.

  • I would love to have this feature as well.

  • 5 years later.. still hoping...

  • Please allow me to bump this thread.
    While shopping out our third additional product to try running alongside PDQ, I find that none of those alternative really fit the network the way PDQ does... But you guys just don't quite nail reporting!

    Would love this feature. Please implement finer report controls including the ability to not generate or not send reports when the data is empty.


  • Agree Stephen - here is another example of where PDQ reporting is just kind of lame:

    It doesn't even need to be awesome, or "nail" anything... just a few more minor features would make it at least something useful.

  • Would love to have an update on this.

  • Martin Eddy, I couldn't agree more!

    Adam Nofsinger Thanks for the other thread. I weighed in over there.

  • Me too. I am new to PDQ Inventory and wondered why there isn't such a checkbox. Should be pretty damn standard ;-)

  • I'm watching this thread closely. We've gotta make some noise!

    Apparently PDQ is making a marketing push. They've got ads, they're rebranding their logos.

    Yet they can't be bothered to add a simple useful function that we (The community) have been asking about for seven years.

  • I want this too!


    For those looking for a solution I have kind of got it to do what I want in a roundabout way. I have create a dynamic collection in Inventory which detects my specified condition. I then have a package that deploys nothing in PDQ Deploy with a schedule attached to it. The schedule has my dynamic collection as the target and heartbeat as the trigger. I then have an email notification set up in the schedule to notify on deployment. So, if Inventory scans the computers and detects my condition, Deploy will run a package of nothing and notify me by email that it has ran. It is convoluted but works. 

  • I recommend adding an Interval Trigger to that. Heartbeat triggers only fire when the target computer's Online status in Inventory goes from No to Yes (offline to online).

  • We need this function here.


    I have a dynamic list when our edr is installed but the service is not launch. I just want to be informed by mail in this case. But i don't wanna receive an e-mail if there nothing in the list.


    I have checked with heartbeat, but i don't understand how i can use this in my case.


    Thank you for your help,