DelProf2 as Custom Tool



  • Pushpak Patil

    I am Using batch file for profile cleanup,

    in :USERPRESERVE you can preserve user profiles from being deleted.

    here is the link for batch file,


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  • Wayne Osteen

    I hate to necro a thread, but since this was linked in the webcast, here's what I did to use Delprof2 as a tool through Inventory:

    Create a new tool as run type local with leave shell open so you can see the results. The command is: path-to-exe\delprof2exe /ed:don'tdeletethisprofile /ntuserini /u /d:7 /c:\$(Computer:TARGET)

    Use as many /ed: parameters as you need to preserve profiles. For instance, mine is /ed:wayne /ed:Administrator /ed:LAPSAdmin to ignore mine, the local admin, and the LAPSAdmin accounts.

    The /ntuserini parameter seems to do a better job of identifying outdated profiles. You may want to experiment with and without this one.

    The /u is for unattended (no prompt) mode.

    The /d:7 deletes profiles that haven't logged in for at least 7 days. Adjust accordingly.

    The /c:\$(Computer:TARGET) passes the targeted computer name to the command for remote execution.

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