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I have a problem with a specific computer which i cant figure out why it keeps on losing its heartbeat and when i try to rescan it does not work but later usually after hours i have seen that the computer all of a sudden has a heartbeat and can be scanned. Is there any settings that could be blocking the scans when your using a computer?






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  • The heartbeat is a function of Inventory that updates the online/offline status--the computer doesn't have a heartbeat, it responds to Inventory's heartbeat.

    If your computer does not have a static IP address, has been dropped from the domain, or can't be pinged successfully using its IP address or hostname, heartbeat might not be able to detect its offline/online status properly.

    Try to manually ping the computer using its IP address listed in Inventory, then try pinging it using its hostname. If both are successful, the problem might be that you don't have heartbeat set up properly for the amount of computers you have set up in Inventory.

    If you have up to 500 computers, the heartbeat setting of 300 seconds is fine. If you have more than that, you will want to add probably 60-90 seconds to the heartbeat for every additional 100 computers.

    Is the computer a laptop or a desktop? And what is its operating system?

  • Here are some things to look at.

    Go to Inventory. Open your Preferences window (File > Preferences). Go to the Scanning page. What are your Offline Settings? If it is set to Do not attempt scan then change that to Attempt scan. When the setting is Do not attempt scan then a ping is sent to the target computer before a scan kicks off. If the target doesn't respond within 2 seconds (2000 milliseconds) then the computer is assumed to be offline and the scan won't be attempted. If the setting is Attempt scan then the scan will kick off anyway and if the target is legitimately offline then it will eventually time out based on Windows SMB timeout (which is about 60 seconds). 

    I'd wager that during the day the network saturation negatively affects the network latency. The Heartbeat process sends out an ICMP echo request (Ping) to the target BUT the ping times out in 2 seconds. If the latency is bad enough a computer could respond to the ping in 3 seconds ( a very long time for a target to respond to a ping) the scan / deployment wouldn't go through if the Offline Settings are set to not scan.

    The Heartbeat process (also a ping which times out in 2 seconds) is set in the Preferences window under the Network page. The default heartbeat interval is 300 seconds ( 5 minutes ). This could be why the computers occasionally look offline and then come back here and there.

  •  Hello thanks for the help. I figured out the issue was that the server in question did not recognize the Network as the Domain network and therefor did not apply the group policy on the network.




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