Intune and PDQ



  • Tom Corbett

    Hi Timothy 

    I am facing the same problem. I absolutely love PDQ Deploy and Inventory. It has been great but the management of PCs is evolving. Intune is great, autopilot is brilliant. If PDQ could bring the amazing feature set to complement InTune that would be ideal.

    We are up for renewal soon and I have been looking at other products in the UEM space. I hope PDQ come up with something like a working agent soon.

    All the best.


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  • Timothy Bryant

    I'm getting total silence on this, so that worries me greatly. I help a lot of other school districts with PDQ, so I am sure hoping that they figure out a way to create some sort of client that can check back. The original client failed because so may folks were sticking with their local AD, but even Microsoft is encouraging everyone to move to Azure AD. It's coming, I just hope PDQ can come there with us.



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  • Bram Dubois

    Totally agree! With BYOD and InTune + AutoPilot we too see 2 different scenarios. In the internal network scenario PDQ is just great. In the BYOD-scenario (which is currently InTune managed) we can't use PDQ anymore.

    Is there anything in the making to fit PDQ into this scenario? 

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  • Nancy D Wallace

    We need this really bad - 50% of our devices are not showing in PDQ and it is really frustrating

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  • Sam Chung

    I have asked the same question over multiple forms with no answer from PDQ. With the way things are rapidly moving towards MDM i.e intune/meraki etc, I believe simply PDQ doesn't have an answer for these. We will be moving away from them in the near future as we need a product that can be integrated into Azure for our clients which are all moving to the cloud.

    It would be good

    if they can at least acknowledge if it's on the road map or not.

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  • Donald Bauch

    We would also like to see n InTune option or a return of the client. Currently, we are using a split-tunnel VPN with our Palo Alto firewall that we pushed out when they were in the building, but it could be pushed out using InTune if that was the only option.

    VPN-->DNS-->PDQ Inv is a little sluggish on seeing the client machines, but that is the fault of how we have our VPN/DNS setup.

    I believe the free VPN-ish was/is a great free solution to hold everyone over that can't afford a traditional VPN.




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