How to Submit Databases to Support


In this guide we'll walk you through the process of uploading your databases to our Support team. 

Automated method

Run the following command(s) in an elevated shell to zip the database and log files for the respective product. The output lists the file location of the resulting .zip file.

  • Versions 19.3.456.0+
    • pdqdeploy senddatabase
    • pdqinventory senddatabase
  • For all versions up to 19.3.423.0
    • pdqdeploy senddatabase zip
    • pdqinventory senddatabase zip

Ignore the "Invalid support database code" error, as this is expected in this case - all we're looking for is the .zip file that the command creates

  • Rename the .zip file to include your ticket number
  • Upload the file to us using this form: Submit Files

Manual method

Required for versions 19.3.440 or 19.3.446


Replace %TicketID% with the ID of your ticket

  • First steps:
    • Close PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory if they are running.
    • Open services.msc and stop the PDQ Deploy service and the PDQ Inventory service.
  • For PDQ Deploy:
    • Create a folder in a location of your choosing and name it Deploy_Database_%TicketID%
    • Navigate to the PDQ Deploy database location, usually C:\\ProgramData\\Admin Arsenal\\PDQ Deploy
    • Copy the Database.dblog.db, and console_summary.txt files to the Deploy_Database_%TicketID% ****folder.
  • For PDQ Inventory:
    • Create a folder in a location of your choosing and name it Inventory_Database_%TicketID%
    • Navigate to the PDQ Inventory database location, usually C:\ProgramData\Admin Arsenal\PDQ Inventory
    • Copy the Database.dblog.db, and console_summary.txt files to the Inventory_Database_%TicketID% ****folder.
  • Get PDQ Event Logs:
  • Upload the files:
    • Compress both folders and the EVTX file int a zip file.
    • Name the compressed file with your ticket # (Example: my_sad_database_%TicketID%)
    • Split the file into parts if the size compressed exceeds 15GB
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