Removing a User from Your Account

Overview: How to remove a user from your team's account within the billing portal.

The account owner and any users with the 'admin' role can remove users from your account. The account owner cannot be removed without inviting and assigning a new owner first.

We encourage assigning a common inbox / departmental email address as the account owner.

Please see this article to guide you through that process: Changing the Account Owner – PDQ Deploy & Inventory Help Center

To Remove a User from Your Team's Account:

  1. Log into your PDQ account at 
  2. On the 'Team' page, locate the user that you’d like to remove
  3. Click on 'Manage'
    Team page invitation accepted_CSR.jpg
  4. Click on 'Remove from account'
  5. Click 'Yes, remove them' to confirm
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