Case Sensitive Silent Switches (Parameters)


You are creating a custom package in PDQ Deploy and need to make sure that you've got the proper silent install parameters in place.


Though not always required, it is important to know that when using silent switches the best practice is to use in the same case as is shown by the vendor.


is different than


Also a reminder on slashes. It's easy to get confused with back slash vs. forward slash. Most (not all) switches use the forward slash /. Some parameters use a dash -.

Lastly, be careful about spaces. A classic example is the command to extract the MSI from Adobe Reader. The command line is:

-nos_o"<path_to_extract_files>" -nos_ne

There is no space between the letter 'o' in -nos_o and the beginning of the path to extract. There is however a single space between the close quote " and the -nos_ne.

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