Target Computer Name Mismatch



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  • Joe Wiard

    Something similar happened to me.

    The client was connected via VPN. I tried some deployments. Sometimes they would error out, sometimes they would fire off correctly and finish. I just kept redeploying until the instal didn't error out.

    I think I lost connection during one of those deployments, because at some point, the client went offline according to PDQ Inventory, and wouldn't come back online.

    This morning, I brought the client (a laptop) into the office, it picked up an IP on a different subnet, and inventory wouldn't recognize the client as having this new IP. The old VPN IP was still listed. I checked DNS, and the A and PTR were both correct for this client. I deleted it from Inventory and rescanned AD to pick it up, but it still showed the old IP.

    I think an ipconfig /flushdns on the client is what finally fixed it. I deleted it from Inventory again, and resynced Inventory with AD, and the client showed up correctly, online, with the new IP address.

    I've got a handful of other laptops in this state, and I'm hoping all it takes is an ipconfig /flushdns for them, too.

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