Target Computer Offline

You receive an error indicating the target computer cannot be accessed over the network. You might also receive an error the computer's ADMIN$ share cannot be found.

In certain cases, you might receive this error if Wake-on-LAN has been initiated on a target computer during a deployment and the target computer is offline and the target is not in PDQ Inventory.

For the first error, the most common causes are:

  • The computer is turned off
  • A firewall is blocking access to the ADMIN$ share
  • The ADMIN$ share is disabled
  • File & Printer sharing is turned off

Test connectivity to the computer via other tools, such as Windows Explorer, to determine the root cause of the failure, including accessing \\Target\ADMIN$.

In the case of a Wake-on-LAN error described above, PDQ Deploy is unable wake up the target computer because it doesn't know the MAC address since the machine does not exist in PDQ Inventory. WoL isn't even attempted in this case. To resolve this, scan the machine in PDQ Inventory then attempt to redeploy the package.

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