Computer unreachable or offline


PDQ Deploy or PDQ Inventory sees the target computer unreachable or offline due to "The network path was not found" when attempting to access the IPC$ or ADMIN$ on the target computer.


Possible Causes

  • File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks are disabled in NIC properties.
  • File and printer sharing is disabled in the Control Panel.
  • AntiVirus\Security software blocking access to shares.
  • Network configuration blocking access to shares.
  • File sharing services not running.
  • Stale DNS records.



  • Reboot the target computer.
  • Check IP Address on the target computer is listed in its DNS record and returned by NSLookup.
  • Verify no stale DNS records for the target computer on DNS Server and PDQ Server DNS cache.
  • Verify that the ADMIN$ is accessible from the target computer itself via Windows Explorer.
  • From the PDQ Server browse the ADMIN$ of target computer via Windows Explorer using FDQN\IP.
  • Temporarily disable or uninstall AntiVirus\Security software.
  • Temporarily disable Windows Firewall.
  • Disable and re-enable File and printer sharing in Control Panel.
  • Disable and re-enable File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks in NIC properties.
  • Check differences in running services between working and non-working target computers.


PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory will always use FDQN when connecting to target machines.

How PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory connect to target computers

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