Kerberos: The target account name is incorrect


PDQ Deploy and\or PDQ Inventory report "Kerberos: The target account name is incorrect" when scanning or deploying to a computer.




This is a Windows\Kerberos native error "KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED" which means the PDQ software connected to the computer via Kerberos and its computer verification process failed. On the PDQ server, Windows will log these errors in the "System" Event Viewer log with Event ID "4" and Source "Security-Kerberos", which you can review to see the computer it attempted to connect to.

This is typically caused by a misconfigured DNS environment, where there may be stale DNS, such as multiple DNS records with the same IP Address. PDQ software uses SMB to connect to the computers, SMB relies on Kerberos and\or NTLM authentication, and that relies on DNS.

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