Many different error codes

Hello community,

We have purchased PDQ deploy and Inventory recently.

Due to work from home arrangements, we tried to push a software to our end users (400+), department by department via VPN.

These are some of the error codes which I have encountered.
Error codes encountered:

  • The account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified

There are a total of 4 steps in my package.
Step 1 would be successful and Step 2 will fail with the error message above.

For other clients, Step 1 to Step 4 are all successful.

Following this link:

It does not provide the resolution.

Is there any way which I can fix this error please?




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  • Many times when I've run into this, it's stale DNS entries.

    Periodically, I'll run the following PS on a DNS server to identify duplicate DNS entries.  Then I go delete them and flushdns on my PDQ servers.

    $duplicate_comp = @()
    $comp = get-adcomputer -filter * -properties ipv4address | sort-object -property ipv4address
    $sorted_ipv4 = $comp | foreach {$_.ipv4address} | sort-object
    $unique_ipv4 = $comp | foreach {$_.ipv4address} | sort-object | get-unique
    $duplicate_ipv4 = Compare-object -referenceobject $unique_ipv4 -differenceobject $sorted_ipv4 | foreach {$_.inputobject}
    foreach ($duplicate_inst in $duplicate_ipv4)
    foreach ($comp_inst in $comp)
    if (!($duplicate_inst.compareto($comp_inst.ipv4address)))
    $duplicate_comp = $duplicate_comp + $comp_inst
    $duplicate_comp | ft name,ipv4address -a



  • We get this error as well on some of our machines, the way we fix it is to do the following below through CMD. replace <computername> with the actual name of the computer with this error. Once you run the two commands on one machine below, you can then rescan the computer in PDQ Inventory and it should find it.

    sc \\<computername> stop netlogon

    Press Enter

    Then type

    sc \\<computername> start netlogon

    Press Enter

  • I will try the solution listed above.

    Meanwhile, we had other error as well:

    1. Command script returned error code 0
    Why is PDQ not continuing the steps even 0 is a success code?

    2. Runner service died unexpectedly on target computer and left no last will and testament
    Cant find any PDQ KB for this error message.

    3. MSI Error: User cancelled installation
    User did not cancel installation.

    4. PowerShell script returned error code 1
    5. Command script returned error code 1603
    6. Command script returned error code 1605

    Is there someone from PDQ who can help please?

    Thank you.

  • Johnson,

    It might be useful to see the steps in your deployment. You could post screenshots or export the package as XML and paste it here.

  • Is there someone from PDQ who can help please?

    This is the community forum. PDQ employees rarely come here. If you want to talk to them, I recommend reaching out to

  • Colby, interestingly, the Sales folks from PDQ directed me to post my questions here.


    See attached image for the steps.

    Step 1:
    (Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product -Filter "Name='<Some Software>'" -ComputerName .).Uninstall()

    Step 2:
    msiexec /uninstall {<Some Software GUID>} /q UNINSTALLPASSWORD="<Password>"

    Step 3:
    No script. Install .exe only

    Step 4:
    No script. Install .msi only




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